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The Stevenson Support Staff Association is a local educational organization, formally organized and affiliated with the Illinois Education Association and the National Education Association since 1994.


The mission of the Association is " promote the welfare of the members of the organization through cooperative and meaningful communication among colleagues, administration, and school board members” We represent all non-faculty employees, which includes Office, Operational, Student, and Technical Support Positions.


Support Staff Association Scholarship Award

The Stevenson Support Staff Association, together with the Stevenson High School Foundation, is proud to launch a new scholarship designed for seniors heading to technical schools or community colleges. This initiative is all about breaking down financial barriers in fields like technology, healthcare, and trades, opening up a world of opportunity for our students.

We're offering a $2000 scholarship to a deserving senior with big dreams and the potential to match. But we need your help to make it happen.

How You Can Help?

Join us in this exciting new venture by making a donation today. Your support could be the push a student needs to pursue their educational and career goals. Every contribution, no matter the size, makes a difference.

To learn more and donate now at Stevenson Foundation Scholarships or click the link below.


Our Executive Board

Matt Godlewski


For an impressive 16 years, Matt has held the role of Technical Director in the Admin. Ops. Department at Stevenson. Beyond orchestrating the lights and sound for numerous campus events, he hones his rock climbing abilities at the gym and nurtures his summer vegetable garden. Outside of these pursuits, Matt treasures moments with his wife, Christina, and their three beloved fur babies.

Mike Hudgins


Mike serves as an IT Specialist within the Information Services department. Alongside his professional endeavors, he cherishes moments with his wife, Kate, and their canine companion, Gizmo. A fan of philosophy, Mike also enjoys strumming his guitar and hitting the pavement on his skateboard.

Stephanie Bush


For 15 years, Stephanie has been a dedicated member of the Special Education division. When she's not working, she loves bonding with her dog, Tod, and exploring the rich cultural tapestry of Chicago – from its museums and shows to concerts and sporting events.

Mike Barnes


Mike is an IT Specialist with the Information Services department. Outside of work, he cherishes traveling adventures with his wife, especially to sunnier destinations. At home, he's passionate about whipping up culinary delights, strumming his guitar, diving into films, or immersing himself in podcasts.

Sharon Teplinsky

Regional Council Rep.

Lety Ellsworth

Membership Chair

Lety has dedicated the last two years to the School Operations office at Stevenson. Outside of work, she often supports her daughter at swim and water polo events. During her downtime, Lety relishes reading, enjoying films, exploring new places (with a penchant for sun-kissed beaches), and cherishing moments with her husband, eldest son, and their three adopted canine companions.

Executive Board

Stevenson Support Staff Association

One Stevenson Dr.

Lincolnshire, Il 60069

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